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Corporate Health Screening

Medikaloka CorporateHealth Screening is an effective screening tool which provides personal health insights to the individual and a valuable health profile for the company. All Corporate Health Screenings are facilitated by Medikaloka’s team of Occupational Health doctors in collaboration with University of Indonesia Occupational Medicine Department. 

We have well developed online health portal to capture a company health data and proven promotional strategies to ensure maximum engagement of your workforce.

" We offer a variety of screenings on-site at your offices and in our clinics."

Medikaloka can customise your health screening to include health and medical professionals such as Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Sports Medicine doctorsspecializing in areas such as healthy eating and healthy lifestyle prescriptions.

Reports include a personalized health evaluation report and a health passport, followed by a review and advice that can be scheduled as late as 1 month after the screening.  Most importantly, if these tests do detect any irregularities, we’ll be there, with expert advice on what to do next.

For more information on our screening packages and other related these services please Contact the Medikaloka Health team.


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