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Medikaloka’s flagship service is our Health Screening which includes diagnostic tests. All screenings are performed at one location within a single 3-hour visit.

Our screenings is available to both, individuals and corporations who want their employees to benefit from their health plan. When you meet your physician after your screening to discuss your test results, you will work together to determine the best way to maintain or improve your health, and the changes you can make to help get there.


Should any health concerns arise during your assessment, our medical concierge will book an appointment for you with one of our on-site specialists, or with one of our dedicated network of panel specialists in Jakarta or overseas.

Depending on the screening you choose, we may arrange a face-to face consulation via video-conferencing with cardiologists and oncologist in Singapore, if the test results indicate potential problem.

Our objectives are not only to pick up early signs of disease, but also to give you a strategy to improve your health and wellbeing.


Our Services :


For your benefit, all of our screening package includes:

  • An in-depth questionnaire of your lifestyle and your family’s health history.
  • Body Composition Analysis, to determine your BMI and body fat measurement.
  • Body Postural Analysis, to show how your muscles and joints work together and if there are any imbalance.
  • A post-screening consultation session with a doctor to ask question and discuss concerns.
  • LiveWell Personal Health Records that allows you to access your health record, 24/7.*


This is one of our premium health screenings that includes a general health screening with hearth-focus medical tests designed for those who up to now have been going overseas for their checkups. Partnering with cardiologists of our partner in Singapore, they'll review your results if it indicate potential problems. A face-to-face consultation in Singapore or via video conferencing can also be arranged. Up to 40 Medical Tests.


Using the latest evidence based tests, this package offers those of you 20 years old and over an extensive overview of your wellbeing. Going to the doctor may be the last thing on your mind right now, but regular check-ups may save your health -and your life- later. A thorough examination of your heart and lungs and a detailed blood analysis will tell you exactly what shape your body is in and let us help you avoid any potential health issues.  Up to 25 Medical Tests.


This package gives those of you 35 years old and over a detailed understanding of your health. This is an important decade for preventing fatal health problems that may occur later in life. Important tests for the heart and cancer detection are included to give you a detailed overview of your health to empower you to take action against any future health risks. For your peace of mind, we partner with cardiologists and oncologist in Singapore. Up to 45 Medical Tests.


Specially designed for those above 60 years old and over, this extensive assessment includes comprehensive cancer marker and osteoporosis tests, which are relevant for mature customer. Up to 50 Medical Tests.


If you are considering marriage or starting a new family together, pre-marital health screening offers you the peace of mind you deserve for you and your future children’s health.


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*) If your medical check-up package was a pre-employment and/or corporate package, the availability of medical test result in the portal depends on your company's policy.